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The benefits of a WordPress website

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Having been around since 2003, which is almost the prehistoric period in terms of web development platforms, WordPress has become the world’s most popular website creation tool. Starting life as a blogging software, it soon became clear that people really liked the idea of using its clear and easy construction to develop whole sites.

Starting or running a business is not easy. There are a million and one things to think about – and one of these is creating and maintaining a website. No business can afford to be without one these days. WordPress provides a quick, easy and simple way of creating and maintaining a website, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

There are many benefits and reasons why WordPress has become the go-to development platform for website creation both in the UK and around the world. Here we’re going to take a closer look at why WordPress could work for you and the benefits you can expect.

Ease of use

Perhaps the main reason WordPress became the all-conquering platform it is today is because it has always been simple and easy to use. Back when it was a must-have for bloggers, it allowed almost anyone the chance to create and run a blog with a minimum of fuss and technical knowledge.

This ease of use carried through when the platform began to grow and allow website development too. You don’t have to deal with any coding (unless you want to) and you can choose from thousands of available templates to help you create the bones of your site in minutes.


Another key reason behind the success of WordPress is that it’s constantly been able to innovate and reinvent itself. The platform stays up to date with the latest technology, ensuring that trends are incorporated.

This is because WordPress knows that the function and purpose of websites is constantly changing. It’s also because new issues arise with aspects of your site that need monitoring and correcting in real time. Regular updates mean that your site and its CMS stay relevant and functional at all times.


There are more than 22,000 plugins that you can use to give your site a more appropriate look or design feel. You can use plugins for functionality too, with things like SEO being covered.

You can also use plugins to target social media and for a wide range of other areas. And, because all of this is browser based, you can simply log in on any computer anywhere in the world and make any changes or updates that you think are necessary.


Search engine optimisation is one of the most important but perhaps least understood aspects of a successful website. This the process through which you make your site more visible to search engines using a range of keywords, design, coding and more.

If you’re trying to make your site more SEO friendly in order to boost yourself up the page result rankings, there are various tools and tricks you can use. However, some of these are more successful than others, and because SEO is constantly changing it requires constant monitoring to stay on top of things.

If you use WordPress, a lot of the stress and effort is taken out of this. Search engines love WordPress sites and there are various plugins you can use to manage and update your SEO without having an in-depth knowledge of how it works.


WordPress is feature rich. Having started out as a blogging platform it’s not surprising that adding a blog to your site couldn’t be easier. This is a great way of keeping your content fresh, which boosts your SEO potential, but also for staying in touch with your customers.


When you start out as a business it’s best to keep things simple. So, you probably don’t want a site with hundreds of pages and complex navigation. But as your business grows you do need the ability for your site to grow with it.

Again, this is an area where WordPress excels. If you want to add more content, a sales page, e-commerce or blog, there are plugins to help you do this. Your site should evolve as your business does, and using WordPress makes this very easy to achieve.

It also allows you to have multiple users, which means you can add staff as your company gets bigger, allowing more people to work on the site and edit content. Each user can have a dedicated access level, which is a great security feature and allows you to maintain control.

It’s for all these reasons and many more that WordPress has become the world’s favourite web development platform. Designing and creating your own website has never been easier and keeping everything up to date doesn’t involve hours spent researching the latest web trends. WordPress does all the hard work so you don’t have to. You just get a great site in minutes.

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